Trusted Tarot: Brief History and Interesting Facts

People have different reactions to predictions or forecasts. Someone believes, someone doubts, someone knows that with the help of the Tarot one can change one’s life. The last ones know that trusted tarot is a multi-functional knowledge system. It’s a wisdom.

What is Trusted Tarot?

This is the oldest prediction tool. Images of cards are random by no means. Pictures may be different, as they vary depending on the deck. The common thing to all is that all images are based on secret knowledge. Symbols and characters of Tarot cards reveal to us the meaning of the hidden in our subconscious.

Using this tool, you can get advice from the Higher Powers, make predictions for the future and get help in almost all life situations. Trusted Tarot cards help you get information and tell you what to do next. Everyone can decipher the signs sent to him or her by fate. To do this, you only need to believe and rely on your intuition.

trusted tarot
interesting facts about trusted tarot

A Very Brief Tarot History

It is not known exactly when the first tarot cards appeared. The first mention of them dates back to the distant past. Presumably, cards appeared in the Middle Ages, at the turn of the XIV-XV centuries, in Egypt. Some time later, Tarocchi appeared in Italy – a deck of 50 cards containing five suits. They became the prototype of modern trusted Tarot cards.

Over time, different fortune-tellers created their own deck of cards. Today, there are hundreds of different Tarot decks known. You can read more about the history of trusted tarot cards on Wikipedia.

Basic Concepts of Trusted Tarot

A deck of Tarot cards consists of 78 cards. They are divided into two groups: Major Arcana – 22 cards and Minor Arcana – 56 cards. Translated from French, “arcana” means secret knowledge.

Major Arcana is not just a collection of symbols. The sequence of cards from the Fool to the World tells about the life path that a person has set off on. His or her journey is from birth to adulthood and old age.

Minor Arcana complements Major Arcana. They describe our everyday situations, and point to people in our lives. Together, trusted tarot cards are a storehouse of wisdom. They have answers to all questions. They help you to cope with any life situation.

Interesting Facts about the Tarot

  • More than 10 thousand tarot decks with images of stars of sport and movie, and even voodoo magic have been released in the world.
  • The most famous deck is the traditional Ryder Waite deck.
  • The tarot system is used by psychologists. For example, to determine the personality type of a person.
  • Online fortune-telling is slightly inferior to communicating with a person, but can also be very useful and accurate.
  • The Tarot is a symbol of secret knowledge that change consciousness, and answer the questions posed. The meaning reveals only to those who believe in it.
  • The most common spread is the Celtic cross. It tells the person in detail about the problems in his life and about how to solve them.
  • The most popular questions asked to the trusted Tarot cards are yes-no questions, questions about love and  money.
  • On the cards of the decks issued in the USA, the kings were the presidents, for example, John Adams and George Washington, the queens – the ancient Roman goddesses, the knights – the Indian leaders of the tribes.
  • Each tarot card has many meaning. There are schools that teach how to read tarot cards. Anyone can learn the meaning of the cards. But which of the meanings to use in a particular situation is already about intuition and abilities of a person.

How Can Trusted Tarot Help You

So, as you can see, trusted tarot is available to everyone. The cards are not fiction or some kind of nonsense. Their advice and help you can get from them is hard to underestimate. Tarot can help you solve problems. It can tell you about the situation in your personal life and relationships. In addition, the cards are able to help you in matters related to money.

Online spreads are very similar to real ones in many ways. Random number generators and other automated processes used in our online fortune-telling tools are accurate modellings of the real process. You, as in life, ask a question and get an answer. You can consider as a pleasant bonus that all the spreads on our website are free.

Trusted Tarot: Brief History and Interesting Facts
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