The Tower Tarot

The Tower tarot represents change. But it is often a card that people are afraid of in the deck. Because the sort of change that the tower brings is sudden unforeseen and often interpreted as traumatic or catastrophic. Sometimes those events in our life are necessary. The change is necessary for us to progress.

So the events of the Tower, even if they are uncomfortable to move through, once we reach the other side of that change we can feel better on the path of our life. The Tower can also represent internal shifts. It does not have to always be actions placed on us from external means. It can be that we are growing and changing inside in positive ways.

the tower tarot

The Tower Tarot: Keywords

The Tower tarot is number 16. Here we have the disruption. In addition, look at this is where we have keywords for the Tower: rude awakenings, new obstacles, something in jeopardy and abrupt change, initiation, a moment of truth, isolation, shattered, thin ice, penetrating, unexpected exposure, precaution, time to be wary about. Things delays, so these can be showing challenges, coming up obstacles you have to watch.

The Tower Tarot
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