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Dear friends, welcome to – an online project devoted to free tarot readings and other forecasts and divinations. Here you will find quick tips, real help, answers to your questions on topics of love and relationships, money and finance, your future and much more interesting and helpful things. The direct access to the Universe via our online tools is here at your service.

At, our mission is to provide inspiring and useful content. We collected the most powerful and accurate online tools based on the ancient wisdom of the Tarot for solving all modern-day problems that occur in our lives. With the help of our spreads, you can get in touch with your destiny and get answers to your questions or get good advice.

Suffering in Love or Looking for New Relationships?

Take control of your love life by revealing the factors affecting your romantic life. It does not matter if you are single or in relationship, our unique tools of free tarot readings can help you a lot. You are always welcome. Find out, what is the love potential of your new relationship. Get answered the question, “Is your partner honest with you?

Having Difficulties with Making Decisions?

Our Yes or No Tarot can help you with answers. You may also try Life Advice Tarot or situation readings. All are online and free for unlimited time.

Searching Personal Daily Advice or Week Insights?

Try our free tarot readings like Your Card of the Day, Tarot Advice for a Week or Monthly Insights.

Looking for Real Help?

If you are confused in your life and need some true guidance, get life advice with our free tarot readings.

Money and Career Free Tarot Readings

Cash flow, our career and financial situations are very important part of our life. So, here is a collection of online tools to help your with these questions.

More Online Divinations

We have got what you need! Try our free online oracles. Let’s find answers together with the help of popular dice rollers.

How to Use Free Tarot Readings in Your Life

We collect some information about the Tarot, its history and how to use readings in your everyday life more correctly.

Tarot Meanings

Do you need more tarot card interpretations? You are welcome to our library of the Tarot. Do you know that every card has a lot of meanings illuminating the energy surrounding you in this moment?

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With our best online readings and oracles, you will get the guidance needed to answer your most pressing questions and resolve your dilemmas. You can start living the life you desire! But, please, always keep in mind that tarot cards are not science or proven facts, so you are the only one who decides how to use it.

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