Free Online Tarot Readings: How to Use

That’s how people are – they always want to know what will happen. Indeed, few will give up the opportunity to look into the future, especially on the eve of important events or difficult choices. One of the most popular and at the same time the most mystical tool for future prediction is the method of divination by the Tarot cards. Here on our website you will find a lot of free online tarot readings. Please enjoy them all.

The most popular online tools are love & relationships tarot and money tarot. You may also like our online dice rollers. For those who are in troubles now, we can recommend to try our situation tarot.

Free online tarot readings
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Free Online Tarot Readings – Make it Right

  • Prepare your question.

You can use our list of questions or ask about your specific issues. Here are some trending free online tarot readings: love tarot and money tarot. If you want to ask your own question, please, try to be as more specific as you can. You can use these tools for own situations.

  • Take a deep breath.

Calm and deep breathing relaxes your body and quiet your mind. Let your thoughts calmly come and go. Breathe and do not concentrate on anything. You don’t have to rush. There is no need to absent mindedly click on different free online tarot readings. Relax enough before. You will notice the difference in the results.

  • Ask your question.

Now it is the time to focus for a moment on your question. To make this easy, it may be helpful for you to think about a question or situation in advance, before you start the reading process. You can also write your question on paper. The clearer it is, the more accurate and insightful the answer from the Above will be.

  • Interpret the results.

The answer of the Tarot cards or oracles is very accurate very often. You literally get important advice addressed personally to you. Of course, the yes-no answers are also clear. However, it may happen that the text does not quite match your question or circumstance. In this case, we advise you to trust your intuition and read a little between the lines.

  • Accept your reading.

Our free online tarot readings have a small trap. An automated system may cause the temptation to repeat the reading if you don’t like the answer you’ve gotten. It is not a good idea to do that again. But you can return next day and repeat the reading process again. In the case of yes-no questions that may work too. But remember that only your actions can change your future, but no oracles can help.

Also we want to say a little about “negative” cards. Some people are very afraid of the Death card, for example. Remember that the cards are symbolic. They have not only scary sides, but positive ones too. In the case of the same Tarot’s the Death, here it can be about deep transformation where the old things should completely die and be replaced by new ones. We have a special category where you can read more information about Tarot card meanings.

  • Beware of overuse.

There is a huge temptation to ask the oracles about everything and then do it again and again every day. You may like the good rule: use tarot readings only when you really need advice or you are in a difficult situation. But here are a few exceptions, for example, daily tarot.

  • Do not take readings too seriously.

Tarot or oracles are not a science or absolute knowledge. It is just a tool, accurate and powerful, but just an adviser. You can use its wisdom in addition to your own. Making important decisions based only on free online tarot readings wouldn’t be a good idea.

As you can see, there are not so many rules and tips about tarot readings and oracles. Let’s summarize everything that was said above. So, the Tarot cards and oracles, even their online versions, require respect. Do not consult with them when you are in a hurry. Be attentive to the process, and think over your questions. And in this case, the Universe will reciprocate. You can get good advice or deep insight in the response.

Free Online Tarot Readings: How to Use
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