Judgement Tarot

Judgement tarot is a card of profound epiphany. This is a very pivotal point in the Tarot experience. It is a card about really coming into your own understanding, the self-finding your place in the world; realizing what it is that you are really meant to do. In addition, this can also be a card that represents redemption and a lot of times that comes in the form of forgiving yourself.

So that all of those negative feelings, you might be holding on, can pass on. They will no longer stand in your way. They will not be holding you back from your true work in the world.

judgement tarot

Judgement Tarot: Keywords

The main keywords for Judgement Tarot: self-evaluation, awakening, a new awareness, renewal, purpose, reflection, reckoning, new dimension, uplifting, evaluation, fully seen situation.