The Devil Tarot

The Devil Tarot represents fear. It represents temptation. The Devil vices all of those things in life that can really lead you far and further away from your true self. In those cases where you lose sight of the past and experience a darker more confused time, we know sometimes that is necessary because it is how we learn.

But caution is definitely suggested if this card appears in a reading. Do you really consider your current patterns? Do you consider what it is that that you are doing that may be in excess that you should consider pulling back on a bit, so that you do not too far of course?

the devil tarot

The Devil Tarot: Keywords

We do not believe there is a devil energy really. We think that is just a good sign of things that we can do. Keywords for the Devil tarot are false, a faulty for ourselves, insecurity, fear of success, closed-minded, denial, self-deceptions, half-truths, self-doubt, self-defeating. These are the things that we think the Devil card represents. 

The Devil Tarot
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