Free Love Tarot – Is My Partner Honest with Me?


This Free Love Tarot card layout provides you with the opportunity to find out if your partner is faithful to you or not. If you suspect that your husband or boyfriend (wife or girlfriend) is dating another person, but do not know for sure, then you can try to find out using this online tool.

How to Ask a Question to the Free Love Tarot

  1. Think about your partner. Then relax. Let all thoughts go.
  2. Now ask your question, using the name of your husband / wife or friend / girlfriend instead of the word “partner.” For example, is my fair to me? Or, is he honest? Or, can I trust her?
  3. Then pick one card on the screen. Your free love tarot reading will appear below.
free love tarot

As a result of the session, you will receive one tarot card. You will also be shown a transcript of the answer – yes or no.

If the cards say yes, your partner is cheating on you, do not be discouraged too much. It often happens that a person only thinks about someone, and physical actions have not happened yet. Also, be aware that the future has many options. Which one is being implemented in your future is up to you. Do not focus on the bad things. Think better about how to become more attractive to your partner.

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