3 Reasons Why He Will Never Marry You

Unexpected reasons why men refuse to propose marriage to their ladies surprise women. Many women who want to start a family do not even know what their beloved is guided by. Women have been waiting for proposals for years and do not understand why their men do not marry them.

We bring to your attention three main reasons that your man is dating you, but is not going to marry you. At the end of the article, you will find a link to free online tarot reading to check if there a chance for you to get married with your man.

Does he marry me?

Why a Man Will Never Ask a Woman to Marry Him

1. You are not the best option for him

Even a man without education and/or good job dreams of a young, athletic girl who knows how to cook and makes good money. And even if there is one, it is not a fact that he will make an offer to her. The chosen one should evoke emotion and maybe passion, create comfort and at the same time not demand anything from her future husband.

It sounds unfair, but men have exactly such exaggerated demands on women. And this is not the whole list. Most men do not see the point in marriage, so they are waiting for the “ideal option”, which, of course, does not exist. According to statistics, women are most often the initiators of family creation.

If a man doesn’t propose to you, you may not be the right option for him. He can dream either about the ideal, or about some familiar lady with whom, for some reason, he did not manage to build a strong relationship. You may check him on infidelity here – dice oracle or tarot reading.

2. He doesn’t want a family at all

In the modern world, there are many men who do not want to start a family on a principled basis. They believe that there are no advantages to this. Family, as a form of relationship, does not attract such men.

They say that there is nothing but responsibility, constant spending of money on a wife and children, as well as boring days in marriage.

If you come across this type of man, then you should not put pressure on him. Better to just leave. If you marry against his will, then during family life he will constantly reproach you for this, heap his failures onto your shoulders. Believe us, you deserve the better man.

3. It is more convenient for him

There is a type of men who like to go with the flow. They will not change anything if this does not change their lives for the better. For example, lovers live in a civil marriage. The chosen one gets food, sex, support. Why would he marry his partner? He already lives with a woman on the same conditions as when he married.

The difference is that he does not need to spend money on the wedding, as well as burden himself with obligations. A man can leave without problems at any time he want or find another woman. It is more profitable for such men to live without an official marriage.

To sum up. If you find yourself in a relationship with such man, don’t be upset too much. Remember that everything changes. So everything can happen if you try to change something right now.

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