Yes No Oracle – Online Dice Roller

Simple, but accurate and reliable free Yes No Oracle is great for everyday advice. This Yes or No Oracle can help you to clear things up in any daily situation. The Dice Roller Yes-No is our variation of simple fortune telling tools you can use in your everyday life to ask for an answer.

This Yes or No oracle is online and free. Thus, you just need to ask your question and then you receive the answer instantly. There is no need to write anything or enter your email. Therefore, here’s the instructions for our online Yes No Dice Roller:

  1. Close your eyes for a second or two and take some deep breaths.
  2. Think about your question that warranted the yes or no answer.
  3. Ask your question to the Yes or No Oracle and then click the Roll button.
online yes no oracle

The Most Popular Questions Related to the Yes-No Oracle

What questions does this Yes or No Oracle answer?

This fortune-telling tool is useful for answering clear and simple questions that imply yes or no answers. If you need not just an answer, but a hint or some advice, try our free daily Tarot. Moreover, this oracle will allow you to understand how categorically “yes” or “no” sounds in your case. Remember that circumstances are changing, so the ill-will of Fortune may suddenly turn into favor.


How often can I ask the Dice Roller a question?

Basically, you can use the oracle yes or no as many times as you need during the day. However, our advice is this: try to use this tool only when you really need an answer to an important question. Ask one question once. We understand that you may not like the answer and you may want to try again. Please, restrain yourself. Just think that if you were expecting the different answer, then maybe you didn’t need any oracle’s tip.